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SambaLolo provides production services, guidance, tools and engineering for musicians and artists in West Africa. We enable artists to take charge of their own messages, art and production.

Our Lolo Heroes will receive a back-catalog consisting of a record from each artist we have produced and will produce in the future. Bayoum!!! Also included are exclusive songs, interviews and backstage videos from live shows.

We have a lot of dreams, plans and journeys in the works. Admittedly, you are the best! We thank you profoundly for supporting us, and we extend you a %15 discount on all merchandise, which includes concert tickets in Mali and Guinea as well. Thank you LoloHero!

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    Every physical album we have ever released or will release, delivered to your international door, as well as exclusive back-stage videos from our performances and events.
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SambaLolo Production
Boston, Massachusetts
"Messenger's Music Labs" SambaLolo is an Independent production house and record label focusing on West African music traditions and their futures.

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